Here I share the history and ancient lore of the Pacific peoples and recent archaeological research. Placing the latest scientific studies alongside the histories of the ancestors is an exciting experience. Here I attempt to answer some of the questions that others pursue.

When the elders asked me to bring the ancient lore of the Maori/Polynesian people into the world, I had no idea that might mean. It brought an astounding library of over 3,000 chants into play in a powerful way. Some lasted for hours and some for days. They encapsulated an ethos for a life lived in a good way, philosophies and principles based on a remarkable understanding of people and the world we live in.

Few understand that the Pacific World knew peace for over 2,500 years. The old histories that cover those years speak of the days without conflict, say to take the life of another is to destroy your own. Archaeological excavations find no weapons of war in the sites of those times. Warfare in the Pacific is a tragic development born of natural devastating events that tore apart their world soon after 1200 AD.

Sunday, 19 February 2012

What is wisdom?

My reply has always been — wisdom is increased awareness. The anguish of the dark valley of the soul and the euphoria of the mountain peak, both help us on our way. As our awareness grows we learn to trust the journey and step forth in hope.

The mountain peak may seem hard to attain but we discover the truth of who we are in small steps. Much is written about enlightenment, a mythical state of perfection that apparently takes years to attain. That is not my journey. We can be enlightened every day in small and important ways. Remember the journey is the destination and it is only three hand spans across — from the head to the heart. The Elders say we should honour head, heart and spirit as one. Then, keeping our feet on the ground we can walk in the sacred everyday.

‘Te Wai Pounamu… is the Maori place name for the South Island today… the waters of the Pounamu… and that’s true, but those words were used in a different way long ago. Then it wasn’t a place, it was a state of mind… the waters of the Pounamu described a stream of consciousnessa trail to the higher mind… the way to ultimate awareness.’

We see people walking in that realm of ultimate awareness every day. It’s in young mothers and fathers who truly listen to their little ones and find time to share their precious moments. It’s in random acts of kindness that seek no reward, in the service and self-sacrifice of volunteers who simply care, in the healers and the dreamers who weave their magic and the doers who walk the reality that says, just get on with it! It’s not a head thing that exalts in the power of the mind and loses itself in the mind, but of mind, heart and spirit.

Our power is diminished by separation.
When we see ourselves as greater than others,
when we place humankind above other
creatures, above and beyond the realms of the
birds and the fishes, outside the world
of stone and the colours,
we give away our power.
Only when we see we are part of everything,
joined to creation, bound to all the realms and
integrated into the Web of Life,
do we begin to call on our full potential.

                                                           From Song of the Silence


  1. Thank you for sharing , and giving. I am encouraged by the communities of light appearing. Such is one in Vancouver BC Canada. A yogi studio , that trains teachers and they then offer open & free classes to anyone from this impoverished neighborhood.!/photo.php?fbid=10150554660511709&id=258505446708&set=a.10150462364671709.355564.258505446708&__user=683737756
    Ken c

    1. how to connect with vancouver group. The link above is not active.

  2. Thanks for sharing the Vancouver contacts. Spoke there 7 times in 2000. Had a wonderful time.Love the place Arohanui Barry